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Rewrite in progress!

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You may have noticed that there haven't been quite so many posts here lately. I just wanted to drop a note that I have not forgotten this site. Not by a long shot!

I've been busy doing a complete rewrite of the all the code behind the site. Not just some functions here and there, but HTML, CSS, and the ASP code that glues it all together. The revamped site will look a bit different, but I'm trying to keep the same look and feel, for the most part. Maybe a little "crisper".

Some new items the rewrite will bring:

  • Quicker performance overall. Tighter backend coding, fewer graphics, as well as super lightweight HTML and CSS will create a faster responding site.
  • Responsive design. This means that I can code one set of pages, and have them serve to any device or media. That's right. Whether you view this site on your computer, tablet, phone, or whatever, it will function exactly the same, and will gracefully resize itself for the current screen. I've dropped a few sample screenshots from the dev site (viewed from my phone) on imgur, if you're curious. You can view them here.
  • Working forms. This is has been a pain in my neck for awhile. Something in Microsoft Edge throws a hissy fit and sometimes doesn't render textboxes correctly. Not sure why, but I'm hoping to get this resolved finally.
  • Moderators. This framework to support this feature has been present in the code for quite awhile, and I will be giving it some final testing for this release. This will allow people "own" their own areas of the site.  For example, you could manage a category of links, a forum, or perhaps police the comments in the knowledgebase.

Some things may be going away. I'm thinking of securing GigEngine, MinPro, and possibly the My Links function. These don't get much use at all, so unless someone complains, I'm thinking they'll not be in the new version.


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