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Ophion rework

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I've done some work on Ophion, the time tracker hosted here on fortypoundhead.com.  Mainly debugging and code streamlining.

However, I did rework the "Add New" section, and it is now more compact on-screen.  

Also, I fixed the datepicker; I didn't even know it was broke.  Apparently, path to the upstream library changed, and well, I'm dumb. 

I've also added a default company field for the add new entry portion, which allows you to define which company entry is going to be the default for new items.  You can still change it via the drop down, though. 

One more thing - I reworked the add/change screens for the editing of companies you have defined in the list. They're a bit easier to use now.

Any issues, please don't hesitate to drop me a note.

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