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I checked my logs this morning, to discover a person in Italy actively scraping the content of this site. I don't mind so much that he was stealing the content by systematically opening every single one of the over 2,000 technical articles here. The problem I have is the 295 sessions he had open to the server. As you may know this site is run by volunteers. So far, the server and connectivity have been paid for by me, out of pocket. That runs about $60 per month. Even so, I don't have the fattest pipe in the world, and when one guy opens 295 sessions with his silly little bot, simply to steal the content, well, that slows everything down for everyone. Please, by all means, make use of this site. But don't make it a painful experience for others. BTW - the culprit is now seeing a 403 error, IP Address Rejected. For others out there who may want to block this guy here is his info: [] And no, posting his information is not a violation of privacy. The act of being connected to the internet makes the above info public knowledge. Further, he is most likely connecting with DHCP, so he'll have a different IP next time. Yep, thought of that too, so I've contacted his IP and let them know that I blocked not just the one IP Address, but the entire network. So there will be 65,534 Italian citizens unable to access this site because of this one jerk. Way to go!

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