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Bedlam D3
One way of telling how long a Microsoft employee has been working here is their reaction to the phrase “Bedlam DL3”. Just for grins, I was at lunch in the cafeteria with a bunch of co-workers and I blurted out, totally out of context: “Bedlam DL3”. About 3 of the old-timers in the group responded, in chorus “Me Too!”

So why does everyone know about this rather mysterious phrase?
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This is a fantastic collection of links and resources for the technically minded. It's not a super-fancy site, and brings you just the information you need to know, such as news, reviews, how-to's, and a few other gems. Rick (the owner) works hard at keeping the list fresh and up-to-date. Check it out!
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Documentary Heaven
Literally hundreds of streaming documentaries, all arranged by topic. All free
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Help Desk Geek
The main purpose of this site is to provide readers with daily computer tutorials, technology news, software reviews, and personal computing tips.
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Khan Academy
Video lectures on just about any subject. Free, forever.
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