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4 Guys from Rolla
Not so much into classic ASP anymore, but still a great resource.
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community dedicated to building the community and spreading knowledge about the popular Microsoft web framework.
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Codango ASP Resource Guide
Lots of great ASP tutorials, code snippets, components, and even full apps. Highly recommend.
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Excellent resource for everything ASP. If you're an ASP beginner, this site has tons of great tutorials to get you started.
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Paging Records with GetRows
As databases grow in size, displaying information in organized, consumable "chunks" becomes more and more difficult. For example, if a database table contains thousands or even hundreds of rows, simply dumping the entire contents of the table can overwhelm the user and be difficult to pick through. As developers it is our job to provide information in digestible quantities. One common solution is to page database table results. That is, only a small number of database records are shown per screen, accompanied by Next and Previous buttons allowing the user to step through the database results in sensible steps.
posted by dwirch

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