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Offers articles on the latest computer hardware.

Ars Technica

If you are in the mood for well-thought-out and well-written articles about everything tech, there is no better blog to read than Ars Technica.

Extreme Tech

Looking for a computer hardware blog that also piles on pop culture and fun articles? Then you canít go wrong with following Extreme Tech.

As the name suggests, is a website for everything that any geek will fall head over heels for. The website covers anything thatís related to the geek culture, but for computer hardware info, head on over directly to their TECH section.


HardOCP is no longer publishing new articles as of March of 2019, but itís still one of the go-to tech website for anything interested in computer hardware news and guides for great DIY projects.


With almost half a million community members, HEXUS is without a doubt one of the most active tech websites you can explore today. Online now for twenty-one years, HEXUS is UKís number 1 independent tech news and reviews website.


The most beautiful and advanced of computer hardware are made up of small parts. And one of these small yet awesome parts is the Mini-ITX. In essence, it is a motherboard form factor by VIA. If these small parts tickle your fancy, you will enjoy reading Mini-ITX.

PC World

PC World is perhaps one of the most popular computer hardware blogs and magazines online today, especially in the world of PCs.

Pure Overclock

If youíre looking for a comprehensive resource for making your computing device run faster, Pure Overclock is where you will find your people. This computer hardware blog offers great guides on just about anything that needed to explore for overclocking your computer.

Stealth Electronic Parts

Stealth Components specializes in hard to find electrical parts and obsolete electronic components.


Dubbed as the home of the x264 HD Benchmark and the BIOS Optimization Guide, TechArp is a fantastic blog for tech enthusiasts to follow and explore. Founded in 1997, this computer hardware blog has been guiding everyone interested in the latest tech for more than a couple of decades now.


TechPowerUp is a great online community for all things computer hardware. For informative articles on overclocking, product reviews, databases, and news on PC tech, this blog is what you want to explore.

Toms Hardware

A favorite online destination by tech enthusiasts of any skill level, Tomís Hardware is known for their robust reviews and great guides on all things PC


TweakTownís first name was Wilmotís Website. Because, yes, its founder is named Wilmot. Cameron Wilmot, to be exact. Hereís a quick rundown on the history of TweakTown, according to Cameron himself:


Hewlett Packard (HP)