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30 Inspiring Website Footer Designs

A footer isn't less important than a header. If you’re putting effort into making a catchy header, so should be your footer. You know those websites that have a traditional footer with copyright notice and a disclaimer – well, you won’t see these websites included in this article.

Bulletproof Slants

Use this page to learn how to create a clean, neat horizontal navigation menu with diagonal dividers.

Clip Art Image Repository

Save time and money by using pre-made graphics.

Extreme Design Studio

Excellent design blog containing tons of tutorials, tips, tricks, and other great things.

a good collection of open source fonts.


Good-Tutorials is the largest source of tutorials on the web today. It has been featured on the BBC, SkyNews, TechTV (now G4), in the British magazine iCreate, PC World, and has been linked to by thousands of sites, blogs and forums.

How to Create a Clean Windows 8 Animated Colorful Menu with HTML/CSS and jQuery

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a beautiful animated colorful menu with HTML, CSS and jQuery inspired from Windows 8 Style.

Logo Design/Portfolio

Examples and inspiration for logo designs.

quickly determine the font name from an image.

Smashing Magazine

Everything you ever wanted to know about online design. Tons of tools, ideas, reviews, and a very active community to go with it.


The swoosh is today probably one of the most used of logo design shapes, but remains popular. After all, no other shape conveys motion quite like a swoosh. Our advice is to select a swoosh logo that stands out from the rest. The more unusual/unexpected it is, the more it will rise above the noise and the more it will help differentiate your company. If you don't see your perfect swoosh logo on this page, consider one of our custom logo options. With a custom swoosh logo you have full control over the end product.

Zurb Playground

When it comes to web technologies, anything goes on the Playground, whether it's playing with JavaScript or crafting a love potion in CSS.

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