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Creating a linked clone from a snapshot point in PowerCLI
User PowerShell (PowerCLI) to create a linked clone from a snapshot.
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Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) processor support

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linked clones

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Patch installation and log collection on ESXi 4.1 Update 1 fails when /tmp/scratch is missing

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Remove Hidden Ghost NIC
If you convert a physical machine to a virtual machine youíll probably give it the same ip as it used to have. But when you try to modify the ip address in the TCP/IP settings of your vmware nic youíll get the error that there is an existing NIC with the same IP address settings. This is where your search starts, but you canít seem to find another NIC in your VM.
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Running VMware ESXi Hypervisor
his guide applies to VMware ESXi 3.5.0, but most content applies to current versions.
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vSphere Command Line Reference

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