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Blade configuration running win2k3 and booting from SAN
We are running HP BL460c blades connected to an HP SAN. Because of the limitations of the Oracle Database application we have, it doesn't support a failover cluster with another blade. (wtf?) So we are gonna install Windows 2003 on a SAN partition (and present the OS LUN to both blades). One blade will be in the off state until we need it (hardware failure on primary blade). Now of course if the OS itself fails/corrupts we will be stranded and have to rebuild the OS creating downtime.

Boot from SAN in Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 Server

This is the first document I have found regarding booting from SAN and W2k3. As we attempt to do this I'll update my post for future reference.
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Manuals for HP Equipment
This is the HP Support Center section where you can get manuals and drivers for specific pieces of equipment.
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