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"Duplicate Name Exists" Errors in Windows

After starting up a Microsoft Windows computer connected to a local network, you may see the error message "Duplicate name exists." What does this error message signify, and how can you resolve it?

Posted:2008-01-31, 1903 views

"Failure Writing to the System Registry..." Error Message (Windows 95)

When you run a setup program that was created using the Application Setup Wizard, you may receive an error message indicating the registry may be corrupt or you do not have the required permissions to write to the registry.

Posted:2005-11-1, 1613 views

"Lock the taskbar" Option is Grayed Out

If the Lock the taskbar option is grayed out under Taskbar and Start Menu Properties, a registry change can solve the issue.

Posted:2008-04-11, 1606 views

A common virus disables the Show hidden files and folders function in Windows XP. Here is how to enable it again.

Posted:2008-04-16, 1588 views

"Use Cached Exchange Mode" Option is Grayed Out

You canít enable Use Cached Exchange Mode because it is grayed out.

Posted:2008-04-14, 11878 views

$70 for a USB stick?

System administrators who have HP blade servers in their environments probably know all about the pain of paying for HP-branded USB sticks for use in their BL490's. But why pay $70?

Posted:2011-06-29, 980 views

0◊8024402C Error During Windows Update

When you scan for updates on the Microsoft Windows Update Web site and you if you receive the error message 0◊8024402C try this:

Posted:2008-12-18, 2096 views

10 Practical Ways to Protect Your Laptop Against Theft, Loss or Misplacement

Laptop theft is rampant. You have a 1 in 10 chance your shiny new laptop will be stolen. And the real shocker: according to the FBI 97% are never recovered.

Posted:2007-06-18, 1624 views

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