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File Logging Module

This is a simple module that will allow you to log events from within your program to a text file. This is more of a string handling demo, but could be useful as a starting point for something bigger.

Posted:2018-06-15, 20 views

VB6 Tutorial 01: Introduction

Visual Basic, derived from the Basic language, is an object based and even-driven programming language from Microsoft. This language is relatively easy to learn.

Posted:2018-03-20, 87 views

VB6 Tutorial 02: The IDE

This lesson will give a quick tour around the Integrated Development Environment, or IDE.

Posted:2018-03-20, 88 views

VB6 Tutorial 03: Controls Overview

Before getting into the actual programming work, you need to have a knowledge of VB controls. In this lesson, a very short description has been given about the controls.

Posted:2018-03-21, 74 views

VB6 Tutorial 04: First Program

This lesson will walk you through building your first Visual Basic 6 (VB6) program.

Posted:2018-03-21, 86 views

VB6 Tutorial 05: Event Driven Programming

Visual Basic is an event driven programming language. Before proceeding to the next chapter, it is very important to have a good concept of event driven programming.

Posted:2018-03-22, 82 views

VB6 Tutorial 06: Variables and data types

This lesson is designed to get you familiar with data types and their usage. Very important stuff for memory management in larger programs.

Posted:2018-03-22, 95 views

VB6 Tutorial 07: Variable Scopes

This lesson will cover scoping and lifetime of variables in procedures and modules.

Posted:2018-03-23, 73 views

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