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0745f2780 referenced memory at 000000000

The instruction at 0745f2780 referenced memory at 000000000. The memory could not be read.

Posted:2008-08-09, 2234 views

10 most used Windows hotkey shortcuts

It is no secret that I a am a keyboard commando. It pains me to see people still dividing time between keyboard and mouse. And when you constantly have to divide your time between your mouse and your keyboard, your workflow rate really slows down. That's particularly true when you're working on a laptop, where the pointing device is even slower. The answer - short of growing another arm - is to learn a few "handy" keyboard shortcuts. Here are 10 of the most used.

Posted:2010-11-09, 2053 views

10 Safety Tips For Buying On eBay

eBay has become a household name for shoppers. A lot the buyers on eBay are not regular internet shoppers but they still shop on eBay. Such is the power of eBay giving simplicity of shopping and top bargains. From time to time, there is some fraud on eBay about fake fashion items, event tickets that do not exist, some expensive electronic items that do not exist.

Posted:2008-01-21, 1801 views

10 tips for tech writers

Tech-writing is a tricky business. It s not a very high profile industry, so there s not much support around. Follow these 10 quick tips, and you ll be well on your way to a satisfying tech-writing career.

Posted:2011-07-17, 687 views

10 ways to protect yourself online

For people who are new to the internet, and computers in general, security and protection be a daunting and confusing subject. This article attempts to take some of the confusion out of the situation, and make you a smarter and safer internet user.

Posted:2010-11-09, 1653 views

15 tips to learn a new programming language

I've working knowledge of a bunch of programming languages but job demands to learn a new language frequently in a short time.

Posted:2010-12-20, 1701 views

3 uses for an external hard drive

An external hard drive is a hard disk drive (much like the one in your computer) that is placed externally, outside of the case. You can buy them pre-made, or purchase a hard drive and an enclosure, and make your own. They came in many sizes, are relatively inexpensive, and are well suited to perform various functions. In this article, I will detail 3 specific uses for your external hard drive.

Posted:2011-05-21, 670 views

4 tips to get your site indexed fast

The biggest problem that most are running into seems to do with getting INTO the search engines. Rankings aside, you need to first get them to index you. Here are the four main ways to assure yourself fast indexing.

Posted:2011-05-03, 758 views

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