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"Lock the taskbar" Option is Grayed Out

If the Lock the taskbar option is grayed out under Taskbar and Start Menu Properties, a registry change can solve the issue.

Posted:2008-04-11, 1615 views

A common virus disables the Show hidden files and folders function in Windows XP. Here is how to enable it again.

Posted:2008-04-16, 1590 views

"Use Cached Exchange Mode" Option is Grayed Out

You canít enable Use Cached Exchange Mode because it is grayed out.

Posted:2008-04-14, 11934 views

A faster NTFS file system

You probably use the NTFS file system (see the properties of your C: partition). You can improve performance by making some changes in the following registry key:

Posted:2007-08-27, 2002 views

Activated NUM-LOCK

To automatically switch on the NUM-LOCK, change the value InitialKeyboardIndicators to 2 in the following key:

Posted:2007-08-24, 1724 views

Add "Take Ownership" to Right-Click Menu

To take ownership of a file or directory, you'd normally right click the object, select properties, open the security tab, click advanced, open the owner tab, select a new owner, then click apply.

Posted:2009-01-22, 2214 views

Add an Expanding Control Panel to Start Menu

Want easy access to the Control Panel options? With this tip you can add an expanding Control Panel folder to the start menu.

Posted:2007-05-03, 1925 views

Add Command Prompt Here to Every Folder

If you're from the old school and still use the DOS prompt regularly, then this tip is for you! It creates a new right-click option to open a command prompt window at the directory you are currently working from.

Posted:2007-05-03, 2022 views

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