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Basic OSPF Configuration, Step by Step

OSPF short for Open Shortest Path First is a Routing Protocol used to select the best suitable route for packets with in the network. OSPF basically an open standard protocol and not relate to any particular vendor. OSPF propagate the changes to all networks more quickly as compare to RIP and IGRP protocols then only send the changed part of the routing table to the other routers with in their area. We can decrease the size of routing table by dividing a big network into logically small segment using its area feature. OSPF protocol check the availability of others routers in the network by sending Hello packets, if the other router does not respond then it is assumed to be dead router. When you used OSPF for single area configuration, its configuration method is slightly differs from the RIP and IGRP.

Posted:2008-04-17, 2106 views

Basics of the Cisco IOS

Cisco's Internetwork Operating System (IOS) software platform is implemented on the varied hardware used in this course. It is the embedded software architecture in all of the Cisco routers and is also the operating system of the Catalyst 1900 series switches.

Posted:2007-05-02, 1757 views

BGP Routing Protocol

Perhaps you are thinking that you could care less about some routing protocol called BGP. Could it possibly have anything to do with your every day life? The answer is yes. BGP is the routing protocol of the Internet. BGP is how all Internet routers route your email and web requests across the Internet. Without BGP, no traffic would flow across the Internet and the Internet would be useless.

Posted:2007-07-11, 1663 views

Cable types you will need for your home lab

When you're putting your CCNA and/or CCNP home lab together, you're not just buying routers and switches you're creating a blueprint for success. There is no better way to learn about how real Cisco routers and switches work than to work with the real thing!

Posted:2010-12-25, 1648 views

CIDR Addressing Scheme

What Is CIDR?

Posted:2008-11-30, 1864 views

Cisco Password Recovery

It might happen on your CCNA exam, it might happen on your production network - but sooner or later, you're going to have to perform password recovery on a Cisco router or switch. This involves manipulating the router's configuration register, and that is enough to make some CCNA candidates and network administrators really nervous!

Posted:2010-12-29, 1690 views

Cisco PIX/ASA Security Appliance: How to Configure Banners

Banners can be configured to display when a user first connects (MOTD), when a user logs in (login), or when a user accesses privileged mode (exec). Banners are used for legal warnings such as when a user is cautioned not to access a restricted system or that their access of a system is subject to monitoring and logging. Banners are also used on locked systems placed at customer locations by service providers to provide contact information for device access or technical support. The Cisco security appliance supports the use of login banners in console sessions and Telnet sessions, but not in SSH sessions. Exec and MOTD banners are supported in console, Telnet, and SSH sessions. Banners can be up to 510 characters in length. You can create multiple line banners either by creating multiple banner statements or by using the keystroke sequence of "\n" which inserts a carriage return.

Posted:2008-01-18, 1635 views

Cisco Router Configuration Basics

Note that this tutorial does not cover physically connecting the router to the networks it will be routing for. It covers operating system configuration only.

Posted:2007-06-04, 1746 views

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