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A small ATM emulator

Includes a data manager form. Uses SQL to search for the account.

Posted:2017-06-08, 159 views

Add a Web Site to the Internet Explorer Favorites List

PURPOSE: ADDS a Favorite to IE 4 or 5 List of Favorites

Posted:2007-05-08, 1951 views

Animated Cursors

How to load an animated cursor for use in your VB app.

Posted:2017-08-19, 144 views

Auto Resize Controls

This will Resize your controls automatically when every time the form is resized. It can also prevent the controls for resizing. You can also use this for custom controls.

Posted:2018-03-18, 38 views

Autocomplete Textbox example

This is a simple demonstration of how to give a standard combo box auto complete functionality.  As the user types, the input is matched with the items in the combo box.

Posted:2018-01-20, 99 views

Building Random People

Yes, building people. This program, meant to demonstrate the use of a few different methods, builds random person data (Address, phone, etc).

Posted:2017-12-21, 296 views

Calculate Subnet Mask Function

Most developers don't have much of a clue about network fundamentals. What may be a simple thing for a network engineer or system administrator may leave a developer simply scratching his or her head.

Posted:2012-09-16, 1059 views

Change the Extension of Files in a Specified Folder

This function will allow you to change the extension of files within a specified folder. You can either change the name of all files, or files with a specified extension. A reference to the Scripting Runtime is required. See code comments for details and example.

Posted:2007-05-03, 1841 views

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