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Convert an IP Address to an Integer

This is a pretty basic function which allows you to convert an IP address, which a string, into a long integer. But where would this be useful?

Posted:2017-09-14, 75 views

Generating Random Passwords

Once again, someone has decided to sell some knowledge.  Nothing burns me up more than someone trying to make a quick buck off something so simple as generating a random password.

Posted:2013-09-23, 561 views


Ever wanted to grab all the digits out of a string? This handy little function will do it. Not sure what purpose this would server, but someone requested it, so here it is.

Posted:2012-10-13, 861 views


This handy little vbscript function checks to see if a number is a primary number.

Posted:2011-12-31, 2044 views

PSMetrics Part 3: A simple ASP ingestor

Welcome to part 3 in the PSMetrics series. In this part, I'll be building a simple ingestor to receive and process data from the collectors, and send the data on to the database.

Posted:2016-11-16, 772 views

PSMetrics Part 4: Basic Metrics Display in ASP

Welcome to the final piece of the puzzle: displaying our metrics. We now have a pile of bits in our database, and now it needs to be displayed in a meaningful way.

Posted:2016-12-08, 866 views

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