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Convert an IP Address to an Integer

This is a pretty basic function which allows you to convert an IP address, which a string, into a long integer. But where would this be useful?

Posted:2017-09-14, 158 views

Create 5000 AD Users with VBScript

From time to time, it might be required that large number of generic user account objects be created in an Active Directory domain.  Here is how to do it, quickly.

Posted:2013-10-25, 1180 views

Create a System Restore Point with VBscript

This handy little VBscript to create a system restore point can be encapsulated in a function, and can save you from yourself.

Posted:2013-10-25, 903 views

Create an AD User with VBScript

There are are about one hundred different ways to create an Active Directory user, via one hundred different scripting languages. Here is a way to do it with VBScript.

Posted:2017-09-19, 175 views

Dump Database to Text Files

I recently had a need write records from a database to text files, with one file per record. This post covers how I did it, with VBScript.

Posted:2016-04-24, 1677 views

Dumping from a database, revisited

Some time ago, a user named VB6Boy posted a handy little VBScript that dumps out records from a database table to a series of text files. The method works fine, but takes an exorbitant amount of time for large datasets. Can we do better?

Posted:2017-03-19, 784 views

Get a list of installed software

It's always good to perform an inventory of workstations you might be responsible for. This doesn't mean just writing down make, model and serial number. You need a list of software installed on those machines as well.

Posted:2017-09-23, 184 views


Ever wanted to grab all the digits out of a string? This handy little function will do it. Not sure what purpose this would server, but someone requested it, so here it is.

Posted:2012-10-13, 921 views

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