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Access Database Code Generator

This utility generates code that you can use inside your apps to create an Access database With ADO.

Posted:2018-02-04, 132 views

Accounting Application

A complete accounting application, geared towards providers of temporary labor.

Posted:2018-01-27, 128 views

Basic CURL with VB6

This is a basic example of how to download the html of a web page with Visual Basic 6, using no ActiveX controls, and only Windows API calls.

Posted:2017-09-17, 803 views

Code Library with Auto Add Feature

Way back in the days of yore, about thirteen years ago, I decided I needed a central repository for all my random bits of code. Not having the dollars at the time, I decided to build my own code repository.

Posted:2017-08-06, 166 views

Complete billing system

This is a complete billing system written in Visual Basic 6.

Posted:2018-01-27, 88 views

CyberCooker Recipe Database

This is a little something that I put together about thirteen years ago to manage recipes. Comes with database of 11,001 recipes.

Posted:2018-01-21, 238 views

Employee Timekeeping System

And here we have an employee time keeping system that allows users to clock in and clock out.

Posted:2018-01-27, 83 views

HelpTrax Helpdesk Application

I was going through some of my old code during a backup process, and I stumbled across this mostly complete help desk application I wrote about 13 years ago. Maybe someone can get some use out of it?

Posted:2017-12-29, 276 views

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