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Bytes -> Megabytes Converter Function

Converts a figure represented in bytes to the corresponding figure in megabytes, formatted to two decimal places. With a little modification, this could also be converted into a multi-value converter for kilobytes, gigabytes, terabytes, petabytes, etc.

Posted:2018-02-11, 37 views

Drag form without titlebar

Drag a form that has no titlebar! Add the routine listed below, and call it in the 'MouseDown' event of the form (or a control on the form):

Posted:2017-08-06, 70 views

ListBox Horizontal Scroll

Adds a horizontal scroll bar and scroll event.

Posted:2017-08-05, 56 views

ListBox Searching

How to implement Windows Help style ListBox searching. Uses a TextBox and ListBox with auto searching in the ListBox with each keypress. 

Posted:2017-08-04, 61 views

More ListBox Horizontal Scrolling

How to create a horizontal scroll bar in a ListBox. Also fills a ListBox with directories and filenames.

Posted:2017-08-05, 62 views

MultiLine TextBox

How to extract the lines from a multiline TextBox. Also shows how to auto-scroll the TextBox as you add items. 

Posted:2017-08-09, 73 views

Plugins for VB6 Programs

How to create "plug-in" support for your programs. Uses the VB6 CallByName statement to demonstrate how to create custom interface support for your programs.

Posted:2017-08-13, 78 views

Print Form

A better way to print a form than the PrintForm method. Can also print a screen image and/or save it to disk.

Posted:2017-08-14, 63 views

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