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Access Database Code Generator

This utility generates code that you can use inside your apps to create an Access database With ADO.

Posted:2018-02-04, 51 views

Code Library with Auto Add Feature

Way back in the days of yore, about thirteen years ago, I decided I needed a central repository for all my random bits of code. Not having the dollars at the time, I decided to build my own code repository.

Posted:2017-08-06, 142 views

Create an Access database with VB6

Creating an Access database with VB6 should not be intimidating, and it is much simpler than you might think.  Four lines of code will do the job.

Posted:2017-12-21, 116 views

CyberCooker Recipe Database

This is a little something that I put together about thirteen years ago to manage recipes. Comes with database of 11,001 recipes.

Posted:2018-01-21, 209 views

Easy Image Retrieve/Store to Access

An easy approach to saving images to database , displaying them, even save to file and search and display relevant images from database.

Posted:2017-08-05, 79 views

HelpTrax Helpdesk Application

I was going through some of my old code during a backup process, and I stumbled across this mostly complete help desk application I wrote about 13 years ago. Maybe someone can get some use out of it?

Posted:2017-12-29, 242 views

Read from a database without a control

This snippet of code shows how to connect to a database using a Data Source Name (DSN), and a reference to Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO).

Posted:2018-01-14, 54 views

Simple MS Access Database Demo with VB6

This is a very simple program using VB and MSAccess. This code will allow you to Add, Edit, Delete, and Search entries in the database.

Posted:2017-08-16, 171 views

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