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Detect Inactive Input

This code sample shows how to detect activity or inactivity on the mouse and keyboard.

Posted:2018-03-01, 75 views

Easily write to the Windows Event Log

This module allows you to write text to the Windows Event Log with with a single method call. Includes options for Type, Source, Category, and Event.

Posted:2018-01-13, 211 views

Folder Guard

With this code you can create a application that watches specified folders. When someone try's to access a folder that is being watched, the application closes the folder and displays an error message.

Posted:2018-02-28, 76 views

Get Available Drivespace with VB6

As a developer, from time to time you are called upon to build or process large chunks of data. During this process, you can use the the local hard drive as a temporary holding area. Admittedly, with todays well-specc'd computers, you shouldn't need to do this, but back in the day, this was the norm.

Posted:2012-11-25, 1467 views


How to retrieve drive types (CD-ROM, Removeable, Network, etc...).  Fills a ListBox control with drive letters and types. 

Posted:2017-07-25, 110 views

Retrieve the path of special folders

Retrieve folders such as the Desktop and My Documents. 

Posted:2017-08-28, 107 views

Retrieving System Uptime

As a part of monitoring your environment, you will need to watch the uptime of your systems. There are a couple different ways to do this.

Posted:2017-09-23, 171 views

Send clicks to another application

This code demonstrates how to send mouse clicks to another application using the SendInput API, in user32.dll.

Posted:2018-01-13, 96 views

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