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3D Rotating Wireframes in VB6

How to use the Line method with 3D plotting formulas.

Posted:2017-08-16, 152 views

Animated Cursors

How to load an animated cursor for use in your VB app.

Posted:2017-08-19, 158 views

Create 3D Terrain with no API

Without using any API at all, this app shows how to create a simple 3D terrain using simple mathematics and some basic graphics commands and controls.

Posted:2018-02-04, 104 views

Drawing Gradients in VB6

This module uses the line function to create a gradient fill on either a form or picture box, fades from one RGB color to another.

Posted:2018-03-13, 64 views

Easy Image Retrieve/Store to Access

An easy approach to saving images to database , displaying them, even save to file and search and display relevant images from database.

Posted:2017-08-05, 103 views

Flicker-Free Animation

How to animate transparent images without flicker. Extensive comments in the sample explains how it all works.

Posted:2017-07-24, 86 views

MDIForm Background

How to tile or center an image on an MDI Form's background.

Posted:2017-08-06, 84 views

Picture/Mouse Moves

How to change a picture as a mouse moves on then off the control.

Posted:2017-08-11, 89 views

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