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3D Rotating Wireframes in VB6

How to use the Line method with 3D plotting formulas.

Posted:2017-08-16, 102 views

Animated Cursors

How to load an animated cursor for use in your VB app.

Posted:2017-08-19, 108 views

Create 3D Terrain with no API

Without using any API at all, this app shows how to create a simple 3D terrain using simple mathematics and some basic graphics commands and controls.

Posted:2018-02-04, 56 views

Easy Image Retrieve/Store to Access

An easy approach to saving images to database , displaying them, even save to file and search and display relevant images from database.

Posted:2017-08-05, 79 views

Flicker-Free Animation

How to animate transparent images without flicker. Extensive comments in the sample explains how it all works.

Posted:2017-07-24, 67 views

MDIForm Background

How to tile or center an image on an MDI Form's background.

Posted:2017-08-06, 61 views

Picture/Mouse Moves

How to change a picture as a mouse moves on then off the control.

Posted:2017-08-11, 68 views

Screen Background

How to create a Form that has the Windows Desktop as the background. This program makes it appear as though the Windows Desktop is still running, but it actually copies the image of the Desktop to an Image control that is used as the Form's background. 

Posted:2017-08-18, 67 views

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