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Admin Tips for IIS

As an IIS administrator it sometimes gets downright annoying having to fend off all the insults from Apache administrators I meet who clam innate server superiority.

Posted:2008-04-17, 1788 views

Allow extended characters in 8.3 filenames

This setting allows extended characters to be used in 8.3 filenames. Short file names with extended characters may not be viewable on computers that do not have the same character code page.

Posted:2007-05-03, 1757 views

Automatic Hidden Shares

When networking has been installed on a Windows NT machine, it will automatically create hidden shares to the local disk drives. The shares are normally accessed via \\server\c$ and \\server\d$ depending on the drive letter. It is possible to disable the sharing at run-time, but this tweak will stop the automatic sharing altogether.

Posted:2007-06-20, 1705 views

Automatically Reboot on the Blue Screen of Death

Windows NT workstation will halt by default when you get a dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). Changing this setting will force Windows NT to automatically reboot when it crashes instead.

Posted:2007-05-03, 1654 views

Automatically Shutdown Not Responding Applications

Often when Windows NT shutdown, a task will return as 'Not Responding' and you are given the choice to 'End Task' enabling this function automatically ends the task.

Posted:2007-06-20, 1893 views

Beep on Printer Errors

When this setting is enabled the machine will beep (every 10 seconds) when a remote job error occurs on a print server.

Posted:2007-06-20, 1846 views

Boot Windows NT in Safe Mode

Windows NT can be very temperamental sometimes are you add new software or install a new driver. The option allows you the create a Windows NT alternative to the Windows 9x Safe Mode. In this mode extra checks are performed and not all third party drivers are loaded.

Posted:2005-11-1, 1782 views

Boot Windows NT with the Default VGA Video Driver

This explains how to create an a safe VGA video mode start-up option, especially useful when your video adapter or driver is causing problems.

Posted:2005-11-1, 1642 views

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