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8 Reasons Why Your External Hard Drive May Corrupt

Computer not detecting external Hard Disk Drive? Probably you are looking for answers of that question and that’s why you are here. Extracting data form corrupt or inaccessible external hard drive isn’t an easy job and you might need to go through little advanced troubleshooting steps.

Posted:2015-10-08, 8108 views

Add "Take Ownership" to Right-Click Menu

To take ownership of a file or directory, you'd normally right click the object, select properties, open the security tab, click advanced, open the owner tab, select a new owner, then click apply.

Posted:2009-01-22, 2214 views

Add File Management to Context Menu

Adds "Copy To" and "Move To" options in files and folders right-click context menu.

Posted:2009-01-22, 1858 views

Adding Run to Start Menu for Windows 7

Posted:2009-08-28, 2008 views

Automatic date/time stamp in Notepad

Ahh, Notepad. You've served me well for many years. But I just learned of a new trick that you can do with it, like stamp the date and time in the file, making a handy, quick-loading journal.

Posted:2010-08-14, 6405 views

Automatically Terminate Hung Apps

Sometimes you may experience and app that just hangs, and you are unable to close it in the normal fashion. You can use this registry change to automatically close hung apps after a specified period of time.

Posted:2009-01-22, 2256 views

Automating Things with Batch Files

If you're familiar with MS-DOS at all, you'll recall that it's a command-driven operating system that performs functions issued at the C:> prompt. The only way to get an MS-DOS computer to do something was to type a command at this prompt and if you can imagine, it was a rather cumbersome way to use a computer.

Posted:2008-08-01, 1783 views

Change Aero Peek Time Delay

Users can close windows right from the preview window and even view full size previews with Aero Peek. The changes are very useful but all are depending on the amount of time you hover over the taskbar icon with your mouse. After a set period, 400 milliseconds, the taskbar preview is shown.

Posted:2009-03-17, 2006 views

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