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Active Directory FSMO Roles

Windows 2000/2003 Multi-Master Model

Posted:2008-05-19, 2182 views

Active Window Tracking

This tweak makes you most control the Window focus, therefore wherever you move your mouse the window will become active, similar to X-Windows on Unix.

Posted:2009-01-02, 3135 views

Admin Tips for IIS

As an IIS administrator it sometimes gets downright annoying having to fend off all the insults from Apache administrators I meet who clam innate server superiority.

Posted:2008-04-17, 1790 views

Boot File Optimization

This hack will enable the de-fragmentation of boot files, which may result in reducing the boot time.

Posted:2008-07-13, 1832 views

Canít Access Your Shadow Copies?

If you are unable to access the configuration of the Volume Shadow Copy service remotely, there may be a good reason why.

Posted:2007-02-26, 2537 views

Change IE Start Page

System administrators will almost always set the default home page for the browser to the corporate website or intranet when building a machine. This is just a small registry hack that will set the home page for IE6 or IE7.

Posted:2008-11-15, 1870 views

Change Management Using AGPM

Keeping track of Group Policy changes can be a daunting task if done manually. Luckily, Microsoftís AGPM utility makes this process a whole lot easier.

Posted:2008-08-12, 1772 views

Configure system cache for server or workstation

If you are using your system as a server then file caching is good. If you are using your system as a desktop then file caching is not so good.

Posted:2008-07-13, 1634 views

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