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VB6 Tutorial 08: Operators & Expressions

An operator in a programming language is a symbol that tells the compiler or interpreter to perform specific mathematical, relational or logical operation and produce final result.

Posted:2018-03-23, 85 views

VB6 Tutorial 09: Common Properties 1 of 3

Common properties are properties that are shared by most objects in the VB6 Toolbox. Some have more, while others have fewer. In this section we'll start looking at four of them.

Posted:2018-03-24, 78 views

VB6 Tutorial 10: Common Properties 2 of 3

In this second part of three of the common properties section, we'll take a quick look at nine more properties that are common to most default VB6 objects.

Posted:2018-03-24, 61 views

VB6 Tutorial 11: Common Properties 3 of 3

This is the third and final part of the common properties section, in which a description of properties that are common to most VB6 controls.

Posted:2018-03-25, 107 views

VB6 Tutorial 12: Label and TextBox Controls

Some basic properties of Label and TextBox control in Visual Basic 6 are explained in this lesson.

Posted:2018-04-01, 90 views

VB6 Tutorial 13: The Command Button

You are going to learn about the command button control in this lesson. The command button control is a very common one. You need it every now and then in your program. So lets have a look at some properties including a run-time property.

Posted:2018-04-01, 64 views

VB6 Tutorial 14: Input and Output

Visual Basic provides some excellent ways for input and output operations. Input can be taken using TextBox, InputBox, and output can be shown with the Print method, TextBox, Label, PictureBox and MsgBox.

Posted:2018-04-01, 57 views

VB6 Tutorial 15: Data Type Conversions

Posted:2018-04-01, 71 views

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