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CSS Template: The General

Another fresh-baked, free CSS template called "The General". This is a general purpose template that can be used as a base for a company website. All style is accomplished with CSS, which keeps the HTML super light weight and clean. Full XHTML 1.1 compliance, of course.

Posted:2011-09-17, 1309 views

CSS Template: The Plan

A magazine-style CSS template for your website, free and original, from

Posted:2011-05-22, 1643 views

CSS Template: Uff Da

Nice and clean two-column layout, with a parchment background. Lightweight CSS and HTML make for quick loads, with a classic look.

Posted:2011-07-24, 1307 views

CSS Template: Yakima

Named for the beautiful Yakima valley in Washington state, this fully W3C compliant "XHTML 4.01 strict" template makes strong use of CSS to stylize basic and extended elements to provide a clean, attractive appearance for your website.

Posted:2012-05-19, 944 views

CSS Template: Yard Work

I can't speak for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoy working in my yard. Whether it is simply cutting the grass, weeding the garden, or fighting the sticker bush wars, for me there is nothing more zen than playing in the dirt and weeds.

Posted:2011-06-01, 1670 views

FortyPoundHead Joke Site Script

I was playing with the idea of starting a joke site, but due to the lack of hours in the day, I've not been able to develop the site as I wanted.

Posted:2009-05-13, 2054 views

Free command-line wallpaper changer

Need a way to reset the wallpaper to a default from a batch file? This will do the job nicely, no fuss, no muss.

Posted:2010-01-25, 3704 views

Free Computer and Internet Articles Database

Hurting for content?

Posted:2009-05-13, 2163 views

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