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VB6 Tutorial 16: How to Make an Executable

In this post, I'll explain how to make an executable or .exe file for your program. Once the .exe file is created, you can distribute the file to the users.

Posted:2018-04-01, 49 views

VB6 Tutorial 17: If ... Then Blocks

There are many control flow blocks in Visual Basic 6 that help in executing some statements in a particular way. This lesson demonstrates the use of If-block.

Posted:2018-04-01, 64 views

VB6 Tutorial 18: Nested If/Else

In this lesson, I shall take you through the concept of the nested if-else block. The visual basic language provides many convenient ways for conditional operations. This text section shows you one of them, nesting of the simple If blocks.

Posted:2018-04-05, 50 views

VB6 Tutorial 19: Select Case

This lesson takes you through the Select Case block, a very useful decision making structure in Visual Basic.

Posted:2018-04-06, 60 views

VB6 Tutorial 20: Do Loops

Loops are used to execute a block of statements repeatedly based on a condition.

Posted:2018-04-06, 49 views

VB6 Tutorial 21: For ... Next Loops

In this lesson, I'll take you through the For Loop structure with a couple of simple code examples. Undoubtedly the For...Next loop structure is the most useful among others.

Posted:2018-04-06, 52 views

VB6 Tutorial 22: Option Button and Frame Controls

Have a look at some interesting features of the OptionButton and Frame controls in Visual Basic 6.

Posted:2018-04-07, 59 views

VB6 Tutorial 23: The CheckBox Control

In this lesson, I'll give you an overview of the CheckBox control in VB6. This is a powerful tool in the Visual Basic 6 IDE.

Posted:2018-04-07, 46 views

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