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VB6 Tutorial 17: If ... Then Blocks

There are many control flow blocks in Visual Basic 6 that help in executing some statements in a particular way. This lesson demonstrates the use of If-block.

Posted:2018-04-01, 45 views

VB6 Tutorial 18: Nested If/Else

In this lesson, I shall take you through the concept of the nested if-else block. The visual basic language provides many convenient ways for conditional operations. This text section shows you one of them, nesting of the simple If blocks.

Posted:2018-04-05, 31 views

VB6 Tutorial 19: Select Case

This lesson takes you through the Select Case block, a very useful decision making structure in Visual Basic.

Posted:2018-04-06, 43 views

VB6 Tutorial 20: Do Loops

Loops are used to execute a block of statements repeatedly based on a condition.

Posted:2018-04-06, 29 views

VB6 Tutorial 21: For ... Next Loops

In this lesson, I'll take you through the For Loop structure with a couple of simple code examples. Undoubtedly the For...Next loop structure is the most useful among others.

Posted:2018-04-06, 38 views

VB6 Tutorial 22: Option Button and Frame Controls

Have a look at some interesting features of the OptionButton and Frame controls in Visual Basic 6.

Posted:2018-04-07, 38 views

VB6 Tutorial 23: The CheckBox Control

In this lesson, I'll give you an overview of the CheckBox control in VB6. This is a powerful tool in the Visual Basic 6 IDE.

Posted:2018-04-07, 33 views

VB6 Tutorial 24: OptionButton and CheckBox, Part 2

This lesson gives you a short description about the graphical style property of the OptionButton and CheckBox controls. This feature gives a graphical flavor to these controls. Its use has been demonstrated through sample programs.

Posted:2018-04-07, 31 views

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