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Free Computer and Internet Articles Database

Hurting for content?

Posted:2009-05-13, 2243 views

Free Food and Drink Articles Database

Maybe you have a Food and Drink related site, and you need some chow-time related content.

Posted:2009-05-13, 2123 views

Free Joke Database

This MySQL database contains over 9,000 jokes. Peep it out, let me know if there are any good ones in there!

Posted:2009-05-13, 6681 views

Free Quotations Database

This MySQL dump contains a ton of quotations from a large number of authors. I don't have an exact count, as I don't have MySQL, but it sure looks like a bunch!

Posted:2009-05-13, 2660 views

Logoff User After Idle

Posted:2017-09-27, 6969 views

Pusher - Screenshots and Download

Pusher is now freely available. You can download it from here. You can browse all Pusher-related content here, or from download of Pusher on File Fishstick. For those of you looking for the crack, none is required. The cracked version unlocks no further functionality, no secret stuff, nothing. So good luck with that. Hope you find the crack to be free of malware.

Posted:2009-12-17, 3400 views

System Administrator Excuse Generator Service

Part of the job of a system administrator is to define root cause for a problem or outage this is happening. This site has an excuse generator, but you'd normally have to open the page to view the excuses.  Not anymore!

Posted:2017-11-17, 936 views

System Uptime Utility

This is a simple but useful command line utility for determining the uptime of the local computer.

Posted:2017-11-12, 683 views

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