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VB6 Tutorial 33: The Object Browser

In this lesson, Iíll discuss a very important part of the VB6 IDE, the Object Browser. Understanding the Object browser is essential if you are curious about all the libraries, functions, objects and practically everything of the language.

Posted:2018-04-15, 39 views

VB6 Tutorial 34: Handy Numeric functions

In this lesson, we'll take a look at three numeric functions: SQR, INT, and Round. In a later lesson, we'll take a look at more numeric functions.

Posted:2018-04-18, 34 views

VB6 Tutorial 35: Formatting Functions

This lesson will take you through the formatting functions in Visual Basic 6 which you can use to format numeric or string expressions.

Posted:2018-04-20, 43 views

VB6 Tutorial 36: Joining Strings

When we joing two strings together, this is called concatenation. According to Merriam-Webster, concatenate means to "link together in a series or chain". This lesson covers string concatenatation.

Posted:2018-04-20, 40 views

VB6 Tutorial 37: String Functions

There are many useful string functions in Visual Basic 6. The string functions are defined in the "Strings" module, which can be found in the Object Browser.

Posted:2018-04-20, 33 views

VB6 Tutorial 38: Working with the Date and Time

This lesson will explain how to set date and time and how to display current date and time in VB6 code. This lesson does not dive into depth but gives you the basic concept of date and time in Visual Basic 6.

Posted:2018-04-23, 43 views

VB6 Tutorial 39: Data Inspection Functions

You'll learn about some data inspection functions in this lesson. These functions will inspect the expression. More precisely, these functions will provide you the information related to your expression. You'll get these functions in the Object Browser inside the "Information" module.

Posted:2018-04-23, 47 views

VB6 Tutorial 40: The Listbox Control

This lesson shows you how to work with the ListBox control in Visual Basic 6.

Posted:2018-04-27, 48 views

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