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VB6 Tutorial 48: Date and Time Functions

There are many useful functions for the date-time operations in VB6. Visual Basic gives you enough power for handling the date and time. Here you’ll learn about those functions in brief.

Posted:2018-05-21, 13 views

VB6 Tutorial 49: Named Constants

The Visual Basic 6 language provides so many built-in constants that save your time and effort for programming.

Posted:2018-05-22, 18 views

VB6 Tutorial 50: Arrays

An array is a collection of items of the same data type. All items have the same name and they are identified by a subscript or index. When you need to work with several similar data values, you can use array to eliminate the difficulties of declaring so many variables.

Posted:2018-05-23, 17 views

VB6 Tutorial 51: Multi-dimensional arrays

An array can be multi-dimensional that means, it can have more than one dimension. A list of data is represented in a one-dimensional array where a multi-dimensional array represents a table of data.

Posted:2018-05-24, 15 views

VB6 Tutorial 52: Dynamic Array

In case of a fixed size array, we have seen that the size of the array is fixed or unchanged, but there may be some situations where you may want to change the array size. A dynamic array can be resized at run time whenever you want.

Posted:2018-05-25, 15 views

VB6 Tutorial 53: Control Array

Up to this point, we have discussed array of variables. Similarly you can also have an array of controls by grouping a set of controls together. The controls must be of the same type like all TextBoxes or all CommandButtons.

Posted:2018-05-26, 29 views

VB6 Tutorial 54: Collections

Collections are objects in Visual Basic that are used to store a group of data values. Collections are similar to array. But there are some special features that differentiate the collections from arrays.

Posted:2018-05-27, 16 views

VB6 Tutorial 55: Using Data Types

Visual Basic 6 is rich in data types. So you should know the usage of all the data types to make a powerful application.

Posted:2018-05-28, 18 views

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