Installing VB6 on Windows 7

ront asked this question on 8/8/2012. It has been viewed 1422 times, and is currently resolved.

I followed your instruction and everything seemed to install correctly however, when I open a project and try to access the References (Project Menu, References) i get the following message:

"Error accessing the system registry"

Any clues/hints as to what I can do to get by this ????

Keywords: vb6 windows 7, system registry

Answer from dwirch on 8/8/2012

Are you sure you have the IDE set to run as Administrator? Failing that, you may need to right-click the VB6 icon and select Run As Administrator.


Answer from ront on 8/9/2012

Yes, the IDE is et to run as Administrator


Answer from dwirch on 8/9/2012

Honestly, that's the only thing that I can think of would be an issue - not enough permissions to add/modify a registry entry.


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