vb6 app deploy on Win 7 or 8 computer

gwd4523 asked this question on 12/29/2012. It has been viewed 1013 times, and is currently unresolved.

I am running a VB6 app on a clients Win xp computer. The client wants to purchase a new computer which will most likely have win 8 as the OS. Does anybody know how to deploy a VB6 App on a Windows 7 or 8 computer.
Is the VB6 Package and Deployment Wizard of any use? I am currently running Win 7 on my computer. I have on my computer. I also have VB6 running on my computer.


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Answer from dwirch on 1/4/2013

Do you have the original setup package, and does it contain all the dependencies? If so, you should not have any problems.

Where you will run into problems is if you are depending on some feature that is only available on WIndows XP, and not Windows 8. For example, some part of the Luna desktop theme.

As long as that is not the case, you should be fine.


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