vbsendmail for vb6

gilda asked this question on 5/22/2013. It has been viewed 738 times, and is currently unresolved.

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can you help me in solving this problem: I used this vbsendmail to send bulk emails and it was working fine until few days ago, it stopped working with an error "smtp authentication failed" can you tell me how to clear?

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Answer from dwirch on 5/22/2013

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There are a couple of different reasons this could be happening.

1. The mail server you are sending through may have turned on smtp authentication, whereas your code may be utilizing an "anonymous" method. You can resolve the issue by supplying a username and password to the mail server.

2. If you *are* supplying a username and password, has the password been changed on the mail server ? Eight percent of the time this error happens, especially when code has been working for a time, but suddenly stops working, it is because the password has been changed on the mail server.


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