VB6 installation on Windows 7 problems

Panos asked this question on 8/11/2013. It has been viewed 2203 times, and is currently unresolved.

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I am very grateful for finding this site. After getting lost googling for ages, I found this site and it made sense. I am not a programmer, I am an amateur. I have written 2 programs in VB6. They worked fine on XP and therefore have not updated my vb 6 since I bought it and started learning to program about 14 years ago in fear less something stops working. Sooner or later I would have to move to Windows 7 so I am making the leap. Following the instructions in this site I installed VB6 onto Windows 7 64bit(I think) professional. On it I also have 32 bit(I am sure) Office 10 pro installed.
The simpler of my programs works fine and I am very grateful for that.
Today I tried to start the larger more complex program and encountered problems. This uses many controls and also handles an access database (2003) and also used to create files in excel 2003.
A I got the message that a dll could not be found. The log file of the offending form contained the phrase: "Class MSACAL.Calendar of control Calendar1 was not a loaded control class". To remedy this I searched the SysWoW64 folder on my Windows 7 computer and found that the MSCAL.ocx file was there. Then I went Start=>Command Prompt run as administrator and entered: "%systemroot%SysWoW64 egsvr32.exe mscal.ocx" and got a confirmation that it was registered. When I tried to load again I got exactly the same errors. I completed the load despite these and then deleted the offending controls and run the program.
B To my surprise I run into another error. Run time error 13 "type mismatch" to do with the function "CDate(varValue)" where varValue is a Variant, which works fine on XP.
So I have not resolved the first 2 errors I encountered and I fear how many more are on the way. Thus I am writing and would welcome any help.

Keywords: VB6 Windows7 dll "type mismatch

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