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The FortyPoundHead has swollen a bit as of late. The reviews below are actual quotes from real people who have checked out the site, and given us their comments.

"An impressively simple site with excellent contents for computer starters and web development amateurs. FortyPoundHead guides its visitors in navigating around the web and encourages them to maximize what technology has to offer with their comprehensible articles and tools."

"A great professional, no nonsense site to get answers. Navigation and layout is simple and attractive and easy to use. Really worth book marking. Loads fast and the logo and name are just cool."

"Good arrangement of elements is the plus point for your site. Arrange ments in tables for different categories is looking very impressive. Reviewing your site had taught me a lot in page building. "

"I found this site very useful for all my technological needs. The forums are very easy to use and navigate.I will keep my eye on this website in the future."

"As a novice I found answers to my questions immediately. I found this site to be very user friendly. Great job! I will definitely revisit this site."

"great idia for a web site. This site can be very useful. It loads fast and is easy to navigate. Lots of information listed on the opening page."

"This is a great site, one that I will be exploring later. Loaded fast and navigated easily."
Martha E.,

"Hi, thank's for warning of the spyware attack. Those articles are very useful for internet surfer!"

"A lot of great information here. Easy to read and understand."

"I really enjoyed this site and the way it was organized and constructed. I could find everything where I needed to find it, and a lot of this topics were interesting to learn about."

"Very informative website on technologies. Even most difficult topics have been explained using lucid language which will help even the starters to get an overview about that topic."

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