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Install Roles on Windows via PowerShell

Just because you don't have a GUI on your Windows Server 2012 doesn't mean you can't install roles and features at will. Use PowerShell, and the job gets easy.

"Use Cached Exchange Mode" Option is Grayed Out

You canít enable Use Cached Exchange Mode because it is grayed out.

It's been a long and winding road

It's been ten wonderful years since I brought this site on line. Ten years. Wow. This is the longest job I've ever held. Let's see what's been going on here for ten years.

Delete Cached Copies of Roaming Profiles

If this settings is enabled, when users with roaming prfiles log off, the system will delete the cached copy of their roaming profile. This will help to save disk space where that are lots of roaming users.

Disable Roaming Profiles

If you''re troubleshooting a desktop system on a network where roaming profiles are being used, you may want to temporarily disable roaming profiles on the machine and use a locally cached profile instead. That way when you reboot the machine or log off and on, you won''t end up having the roaming profile overwrite any diagnostic changes you''ve been making to the machine while troubleshooting.

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