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Enable or Disable the CD-ROM Autorun Feature

You can enable the CD-ROM autorun function by changing this registry setting, this will stop applications from auto launching when you insert a CD-ROM disc into your drive.


Windows Management Instrumentation Command.


Copy files and/or directory trees to another folder. XCOPY is similar to the COPY command except that it has additional switches to specify both the source and destination in detail.

How do I create a bootable Windows 2000 CD-ROM with a service pack slipstreamed?

Win2K introduced to service packs the slipstream ability, which lets you apply a service pack to a Win2K installation distribution point so that any clients you instal from that location automatically have the service pack applied. Without much more effort, you can burn this slipstreamed installation to a CD-ROM to enable Win2K installs from a bootable CD-ROM.

Securing Network Access to CD-ROM Drives

This setting determines whether data in the CD-ROM drive is accessible to other users. This value entry satisfies, in part, the C2 security requirement that you must be able to secure removable media.

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