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Install VB6 on Windows 7

After surfing around the net, I've found very little information regarding installation of VB6 on Windows 7. Most of the information out there is for Vista, and most of it is queries for assistance.

Install VB6 on Windows 10

So if you don't know it, the technical preview version of Windows 10 is available. Being the good maintenance guy, you'll want to know about installing VB6 on Windows 10. This article shows how I got it running on Microsofts latest OS.

Troubleshooting DNS with NSLookup and dig

To be proficient at troubleshooting name server problems, you'll need a special tool to make DNS queries, one that gives you complete control. We'll cover nslookup in this tutorial because it's distributed with Windows Server 2003 and with many other operating systems. We'll also cover another query tool, dig, that isn't part of Windows. It provides similar functionality and doesn't suffer from nslookup's deficiencies.

How to clear Windows Explorer MRUs

After you complete this procedure, the MRU list does not appear in Windows Explorer-style dialog boxes; however, this list is not removed from the registry. WARNING: If you use Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall...

Killing Disconnected Terminal Server Sessions from the Command Line

Terminal Services (or Remote Desktop if you prefer) is a good thing. It allows you to remotely connect to a server to manage it.

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Subhasis Sahu

List of Shady Characters

This is a list compiled from the last 90 days of data, showing the IP addresses and hostnames of computers on the internet who:

Abort, Retry, Ignore

Once upon a midnight dreary, fingers cramped and vision bleary,

The Push

The push is a pretty in depth process. There are several checks taken before the file is actually scheduled to execute on the target machine. Here is what happens when you click the "Begin Push" button in the main window:

Building a Target List

The first thing that you''ll have to do when running Pusher for the first time, is to build a list of targets. Targets are the machines that that you want to push software to, or perform an inventory on. Basically, if you want to perform an action, you need to let Pusher know what you want to perform the action on.

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VB6 exe on Windows 7 64 bit

Hi, Thanks to your answer on how to install vb6 on windows 7 64 bit I got it running. Question: on xp before our vb6 app would run we had to register a handfull of ocx and dll files for the grids and other components used by the vb6 app. After trying the exe now, it runs p...

vbsendmail for vb6

can you help me in solving this problem: I used this vbsendmail to send bulk emails and it was working fine until few days ago, it stopped working with an error "smtp authentication failed" can you tell me how to clear?...

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