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How VPN Creates a Secure and Private Tunnel between the Users Device and the Distant Server

VPN creates a secure and private tunnel between the user’s device and the distant server which is connected to Internet, thus securing your outgoing and incoming data from interception and snooping. The tool was majorly used by employees to access remotely their company network through a secure channel. Now, this tool can be used by anyone for securing their private network or a coffee shop connection etc.

Hey, China! Lay off the spam.

Recently, I noticed a comment on a friends Facebook page regarding the number of attempts at accessing the back end of his website which originated from China.  I know malcontents hit my site all day long, but why not take a peek?

WAN Concepts and Terminology

A WAN is different from a LAN. Unlike a LAN, which connects workstations, peripherals, terminals, and other devices in a single building or other small geographic area, a WAN makes data connections across a broad geographic area. Companies use the WAN to connect various company sites together so information can be exchanged between distant offices

Five Reasons to Start a Website

Many of us have dream about starting a web site. In my experience I recall being in high school and day dreaming about how great it would be to have my own chatting service. I dreamed of a site with that ever popular space wallpaper, you know it's black with the little stars on it.

Computer consulting and virtual IT

Do you own or manage a computer consulting company? Would you like to achieve greater small business success? If so, then get ready to learn why most computer consulting companies get IT (Information Technology) wrong and what you can do about it.

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Job Spammer: Ashish Vaista

HireTalent has now made my list of spammers. They've retained the services of JobDiva, and are happily sending spam to anyone who happens to have searched for a job, ever.

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