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Giant Windows Registry Hacks List

Looking to change the behavior of your Windows 7 computer? Maybe you need to enable or disable some functionality, make it run faster, lock it down from prying eyes? This post contains a pile of great registry hacks.


The idea behind the DontDisplayLastUsername registry tweak is to tighten security, particularly on communal machines. The default registry setting means that the logon dialog box displays the last username. If it`s your own machine, where no-one else ever logs on - fine, don`t change the setting.

Securing a Windows NT 4.0 Server

This document is provided to point out guidelines for maximizing security of a Windows NT 4.0 Server installation. The information in this document is gathered from various Microsoft White Papers, Resource Kits and public FAQs. Recommendations made in this document may or may not be applicable to your particular environment.

Do Not Display Last User Name

Enabling this key will blank the username box on the logon screen. Preventing people that are logging on from knowing the last user on the system.

Automatic Windows Log-On

Here is a tip for those readers who have two (or more) computers networked together at home and are bothered by the Log On box that comes up whenever the computer is started. To cause the Windows Log On box to automatically proceed after a few seconds, you need to make some changes to your system registry. Click Start/Run, enter RegEdit in the “Open:” field, and click OK. Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Winlogon and add 3 new string values. To do so, right click in the open area and add a new string value named AutoAdminLogon. Right-click on its icon and modify the value to 1. Repeat the same process, making another string value named DefaultUserName . Modify it by typing in the default users name. Make one more string value named DontDisplayLastUserName and modify the value to 1. Close the Registry and reboot. [Note: This does not work if your user name requires a password.]

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