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Windows 7 Undock PC Option Missing

For unknown reasons to some, the Undock PC Option can sometimes disappear from the start menu. Most likely it is an errant policy. But no fear! It is relatively easy to get it back. Here are the steps.

Killing Disconnected Terminal Server Sessions from the Command Line

Terminal Services (or Remote Desktop if you prefer) is a good thing. It allows you to remotely connect to a server to manage it.

IE Favorites Menu Grayed Out

If the Favorites menu is missing or grayed out in Internet Explorer, there may be a registry key that is causing it.

97 Google Searching Tips

Who doesn't like a good tip for searching Google? There are literally tons of tips and tricks for using this search engine to find just about anything you're looking for, as well as a few things you weren't.

ASN Active Directory Manager

AdSysNet (ASN) has built a nice and comprehensive tool for bulk managing and reporting on AD objects, all through a simple to use graphical interface.

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Missing Malicious IP Address Entries

Due to a typo in the GateKeeper script, IP addresses that attempted to perform a SQL injection against the site were not tracked in the malicious IP database.

Feature Requests

Got an idea for SystemIdleCheck? Is it missing something you want or need? 

Coming Soon: Klickitat

Klickitat is a command-line driven directory mirroring tool.

comdlg32.ocx or one of its dependencies missing

ComDLG32.OCX is the Windows common dialog control, used by Pusher during file open and save operations.

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Cloned Linux Virtual Machines and Missing eth0

When you clone some *nix virtual machines, the NIC is present, but not present. This is how you get it back.

Patch installation and log collection on ESXi 4.1 Update 1 fails when /tmp/scratch is missing

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Component msflxgrd.OCX is Not Correctly Registered or File is Missing.

Hello Everybody

VB6 Enterprise Edition SP6 Compilation error

I recently compiled some of my VB6 work modules in XP Mode under Windows 7. On first compile, I al always having this error stating "DLL cannot be loaded". When looking at the VB6 References they are missing. So I would add the reference again and when re-compiled, I still got the error, so I re-generated the missing DLL, went back to the first VB6 module I am compiling and the error went away. The modules that I am compiling perfectly compiled in the Windows XP system I copied them from. Do you know of any reason why this is happening?

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