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Install VB6 on Windows 8

As most of the world knows, Microsoft has made available a consumer preview of Windows 8. While this is still considered beta software, I highly recommend you check it out. Some of us technology minded folks are charged with supporting legacy software, developed with Visual Studio 6 (particulary Visual Basic 6), and with the iminent release of Windows 8, there is some worry about whether our support tools will work with it. This tutorial will (hopefully) help you get VB6 installed on your Windows 8 system!

Troubleshooting DNS with NSLookup and dig

To be proficient at troubleshooting name server problems, you'll need a special tool to make DNS queries, one that gives you complete control. We'll cover nslookup in this tutorial because it's distributed with Windows Server 2003 and with many other operating systems. We'll also cover another query tool, dig, that isn't part of Windows. It provides similar functionality and doesn't suffer from nslookup's deficiencies.

Giant Windows Registry Hacks List

Looking to change the behavior of your Windows 7 computer? Maybe you need to enable or disable some functionality, make it run faster, lock it down from prying eyes? This post contains a pile of great registry hacks.

Speed up Windows 7 with FSUTIL

FSUtil performs tasks that are related to file systems, such as managing reparse points, managing sparse files, or dismounting a volume. You can also get a bit of a speed boost with it.

Install Roles on Windows via PowerShell

Just because you don't have a GUI on your Windows Server 2012 doesn't mean you can't install roles and features at will. Use PowerShell, and the job gets easy.

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Ophion dashboard bug found/fixed

I discovered a slight bug today, in which if you entered a keyword with a space in it, a function was not returning the correct value.

New and changed items

I've done a little work on the site over the last few days:

Malicious IP Checker Companion Tool

Banged out some code tonight to provide a service for other webmasters out there, that lets you check for "badness" of a particular IP address.

Rewrite in progress!

You may have noticed that there haven't been quite so many posts here lately. I just wanted to drop a note that I have not forgotten this site. Not by a long shot!

Malicious IP Checker Tool Updated

I've updated the Malicious IP checker tool just a little bit.

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The swoosh is today probably one of the most used of logo design shapes, but remains popular. After all, no other shape conveys motion quite like a swoosh. Our advice is to select a swoosh logo that stands out from the rest. The more unusual/unexpected it is, the more it will rise above the noise and the more it will help differentiate your company. If you don't see your perfect swoosh logo on this page, consider one of our custom logo options. With a custom swoosh logo you have full control over the end product.

Paging Records with GetRows

As databases grow in size, displaying information in organized, consumable "chunks" becomes more and more difficult. For example, if a database table contains thousands or even hundreds of rows, simply dumping the entire contents of the table can overwhelm the user and be difficult to pick through. As developers it is our job to provide information in digestible quantities. One common solution is to page database table results. That is, only a small number of database records are shown per screen, accompanied by Next and Previous buttons allowing the user to step through the database results in sensible steps.

How to Create an Ajax Style File Uploader

The application we are going to build will use jQuery's versatility to allow multiple file uploads without refreshing the page or redirecting, complete with front and back end validation to prevent unwanted files being uploaded to your server.

Bulletproof Slants

Use this page to learn how to create a clean, neat horizontal navigation menu with diagonal dividers.

101 CSS Techniques Of All Time- Part 1

CSS has fundamentally changed web design, it has provided designers with a set of properties that can be tweaked to make various techniques to make your pages just look right. Remember - this is multi-part series, of which this is part 1. Be sure to check out the other parts!

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some ASP Help

Hi, I am going to try and make this as simple as possible, basicly I am trying to make a page, to where if it is a certain time to another certain time, it would redirect to different pages, such as if it was 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM, It would redirect to a Closed page, and if else, it just leave the pages as normal without a redirection.

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