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Troubleshooting DNS with NSLookup and dig

To be proficient at troubleshooting name server problems, you'll need a special tool to make DNS queries, one that gives you complete control. We'll cover nslookup in this tutorial because it's distributed with Windows Server 2003 and with many other operating systems. We'll also cover another query tool, dig, that isn't part of Windows. It provides similar functionality and doesn't suffer from nslookup's deficiencies.

8 Reasons Why Your External Hard Drive May Corrupt

Computer not detecting external Hard Disk Drive? Probably you are looking for answers of that question and that’s why you are here. Extracting data form corrupt or inaccessible external hard drive isn’t an easy job and you might need to go through little advanced troubleshooting steps.

WinMSD and SysInfo Reports

WinMSD and SysInfo Reports

Telnet to Port 25 to Test SMTP Communication


Network Topology Overview

Here you will learn network topology introduction, how computers get connected, bus, star, hub, hybrid, mesh, tree topologies and network physical design. In Computer Networking “topology” refers to the layout or design of the connected devices. Network Topologies can be physical or logical. In this section I will illustrate on the different types of the topologies.

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No console to VM via web portal

I've only seen two other slightly related posts about this issue, and I've run down what little troubleshooting was presented in those posts.

Network drives not getting mapped

At the office where I work are three servers.

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