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How VPN Creates a Secure and Private Tunnel between the Users Device and the Distant Server

VPN creates a secure and private tunnel between the user’s device and the distant server which is connected to Internet, thus securing your outgoing and incoming data from interception and snooping. The tool was majorly used by employees to access remotely their company network through a secure channel. Now, this tool can be used by anyone for securing their private network or a coffee shop connection etc.

Install Roles on Windows via PowerShell

Just because you don't have a GUI on your Windows Server 2012 doesn't mean you can't install roles and features at will. Use PowerShell, and the job gets easy.

Seven Layers of the OSI Model

Various mnemonics have been created over the years to help remember the order. Probably the most taught and text-book found ones are:

Session Layer Details

The session layer is level five of the seven level OSI model. It responds to service requests from the presentation layer and issues service requests to the transport layer.

Technology Acronyms

From time to time, you may overhear some tech geeks speaking some strange language. These odd words that they speak are actually abbreviations, or acronyms, for larger ideas or phrases. Here is a short list of some common acronyms, so you can now understand what your local geek is talking about.

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