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Install Roles on Windows via PowerShell

Just because you don't have a GUI on your Windows Server 2012 doesn't mean you can't install roles and features at will. Use PowerShell, and the job gets easy.

VBScript: Search Active Directory for User

Anyone can use Active Directory Users and Computers to search fora user. Just right-click the container you want to search, and select the find option. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.

Using VBScript to manage Event Logs

Just a quick little post to share some VBScripts that could be handing for automating management of Windows Event Logs.

Logoff User After Idle

Recently, there was a request for our team to implement a new security requirement for workstations. Specifically, If a user remains logged in, but is idle for a specific period of time, that user should be logged out.  After consulting the interwebs for a few minutes, all I could fi...

Strip Non-Numeric Characters in ASP/VBScript

I have been asked for this little snippet of code by several users, so here it is. It does something that sounds really simple, but "classic" development languages from Microsoft don't seem to have a built in function for it.

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ASP/VBScript String Replace

Find and replace text in a string.

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ActiveXperts VBScripts

Good collection of scripts to serve as a base for ActiveXperts network monitor.

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