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What is a VoIP Router?

Voice over Internet Protocol is a new way to talk on your phone through your broadband internet connection. A VoIP router is needed to help you use the same phone you have been using before your VoIP connection.

What is Vonage?

Vonage is one of the leading providers of commercial and residential VoIP telephony. In a short span of three years, it has acquired more than a million customers for this recent communications technology. The company is based in Holmdel, New Jersey and offers quality-rich features as a part of its VoIP offering to customers. Customers throughout the United States can avail Vonage services; Vonage started its Canada and UK services in 2004 and 2005, respectively. 

It's been a long and winding road

It's been ten wonderful years since I brought this site on line. Ten years. Wow. This is the longest job I've ever held. Let's see what's been going on here for ten years.

Technology Acronyms

From time to time, you may overhear some tech geeks speaking some strange language. These odd words that they speak are actually abbreviations, or acronyms, for larger ideas or phrases. Here is a short list of some common acronyms, so you can now understand what your local geek is talking about.

A little about VOIP

VOIP is an advanced technology that is used as one the modes of telecommunication. It has created its own space in the world of telecommunication. The main factor responsible for the functioning of the VOIP system is the broadband internet connection which has become a matter of concern for the customers as there is no proper coverage of network.

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Job Spammer: Balashankar Bose Bose

Why is it that all these scumbag JobDiva users all seem to work out of New Jersey? There's been a smattering of them from Florida and New York, but the vast majority seem to be taking shelter in New Jersey.  Slack laws there? Cheap labor or taxes? or is there simply an abundance of VOIP endpoints there?

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