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How VPN Creates a Secure and Private Tunnel between the Users Device and the Distant Server

VPN creates a secure and private tunnel between the user’s device and the distant server which is connected to Internet, thus securing your outgoing and incoming data from interception and snooping. The tool was majorly used by employees to access remotely their company network through a secure channel. Now, this tool can be used by anyone for securing their private network or a coffee shop connection etc.

How to clear Windows Explorer MRUs

After you complete this procedure, the MRU list does not appear in Windows Explorer-style dialog boxes; however, this list is not removed from the registry. WARNING: If you use Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall...

Install Roles on Windows via PowerShell

Just because you don't have a GUI on your Windows Server 2012 doesn't mean you can't install roles and features at will. Use PowerShell, and the job gets easy.

How to spot a work-at-home scam

With all the work at home opportunities advertised today, it can be difficult to pick out the true jobs from the scams. Here are some tips that will help you determine whether a job is legitimate or a scam in just minutes. Do they charge a fee? If so, it is a scam. A legitimate co...

Change Default Landing Page for TS Web Access

Windows Server 2008 contains a plethora of new features associated with Terminal Server. A new key component is Terminal Services Web Access, a Citrix Web-Interface-like interface that provides web-based access to applications published via Terminal Services RemoteApp.

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Readme File - Read This First!

Program Information Applicaton : SystemIdleCheck Type : Utility Author: : \ dwirch Website: : Version History ...

Job Spammer: Prutha Siri - Javelin Systems

This one is a bit different. Someone at Javelin Systems has sent out a mass email for an SAP position in Tennessee. The interesting part is that this person has used his AWS hosted domain,, to send the the mail through Zoniac.

Malicious IP Checker Companion Tool

Banged out some code tonight to provide a service for other webmasters out there, that lets you check for "badness" of a particular IP address.

Coding Archive?

Prelude to a valuable resource? I've begun building the plumbing for a VB6 oriented coding archive, and I thought I would share a screen shot of the Code Manager that will help users to manage their code bits, upload new code, etc. 

Site Migration Complete

The new site code has been deployed. Most items have stayed the same or similar. Some have changed. Some items are gone.

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6 Faces of the Color Cube

Tables organized to facilitate understanding of the relationships between and among the 216 colors used in web site design.

24 ways

Since 2005, and during 24 day throughout December , a large variety of authors publish articles, covering a wide amount of topics about web design and development.

Computer Technician

Computer Technician is the only nonprofit resource dedicated to providing individuals interested in becoming a computer technician with unbiased information about different degree and school options as well as career, job and salary information. To that end, we provide an updated FAQ as well as the only comprehensive database of computer technician schools on the web.

We offer the best free Computer Technical Support via our forums, a Computer Web Directory, Online purchase of computer products, Quick Computer References, Tips and Tricks, Downloads, Computer Dictionary, Bandwidth Tester, Webmaster Tools, Top Tech Sites, IT Jobs and much more...

Operating System Sucks-Rules-O-Meter

The web-based operating system quality and approval metric.

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How can I refresh a vb6 form from a web application?

I have a vb6 form with a button that opens a .net web application. When the user updates the info in the web app I want the changes to be reflected in the vb6 form. Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance....

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