How to defragment your hard disk

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Over time, files and applications become scattered in various places on your hard disk. Disk Defragmenter brings these scattered pieces together to improve speed and help prevent errors.

  1. Close all applications. Disable screen savers, anti-virus utilities and other constantly running programs.

  2. Open the Start menu and choose Programs, then Accessories.

  3. Click on System Tools.

  4. Click on Disk Defragmenter.

  5. When the Select Drive window appears, click on Settings.

  6. Check both "Rearrange program files so my programs start faster" and "Check the drive for errors."

  7. Click OK to defragment drive C: (the physical drive).

  8. Run the program once a month or so.

Tips & Warnings

  • Run ScanDisk beforehand for best results. This is best done by restarting the computer in MS DOS and typing "scandisk" at the C:\> prompt. Return to Windows afterwards to defragment your hard disk.

  • If you`re having difficulties, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to make sure you haven`t left any applications running. Highlight each application in the screen that appears and click on "End Task" to close the application.

  • Windows NT requires you to install a third party disk defragmenter such as Diskeeper.

  • Run Disk Defragmenter after installing or downloading new software.

  • Read and follow any warning message Disk Defragmenter gives you.

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