How to backup and restore the Windows Registry

Posted On 2007-08-22 by FortyPoundHead
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The absolute best way to backup and “restore” the registry is to use Acronis True Image. Here is the way to do it using XP’s built-in features. These are NOT images. They simply restore files.

You can export the registry to a file but there is no way I know of to restore the registry from this file in the event of a disaster. To do so: Press the Windows & R keys > type regedit > highlight My Computer in the window > on the toolbar choose File > Export and choose a title and location for the file.

XP PRO (and XP HOME too!)

To backup:

You use the Backup utility. Go to: START > PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > SYSTEM TOOLS > BACKUP. The wizard will launch, click next. Choose BACKUP FILES AND SETTINGS. Click next. Choose LET ME CHOOSE WHAT TO BACKUP. Click next. Expand the section for MY COMPUTER (click the minus sign next to it) and place a check mark in the box next to SYSTEM STATE DATA. (My advice is to also add the drive containing XP or at least the WINDOWS folder. However this does add considerable time and size to the backup.) Click next. Now choose a place to store the info and name it. (If you want to backup to a CD, go here to find out how: Click next. At the next screen, most users should just click next. Advanced may want to choose a different type of backup by using the advanced tab.

To restore:

Go to: START > PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > SYSTEM TOOLS > BACKUP. The wizard will launch, click on the ADVANCED button. Click on the RESTORE WIZARD (Advanced) button. Click next on the following screen. Choose the backup you want. Click next and follow the remaining screens. You are done.

You don’t see the Backup option in XP Home? You have it on the CD. It just isn’t part of the default installation. Put the XP CD in the drive and exit out of the screen that pops up. Go to My Computer > Right Click on the drive containing the XP CD > choose Explore. Now click on VALUEADD > MSFT > NTBACKUP > click the NTBACKUP Installer Icon.

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